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Tips for Maintaining Teeth Whitening Treatment

As we eat, drink, and go about our daily lives, our teeth are naturally open to discoloration. While regular brushing and flossing can help combat the staining process, there’s still some loss of vibrancy as we age. Teeth whitening in East Cobb, GA, could help restore the natural shine of your smile. However, whitening treatment isn’t a one-and-done deal. You still have to work hard at maintaining your teeth and their vibrancy. By following your dentist’s aftercare tips for teeth whitening treatment, you can help keep your teeth looking their best.

TEETH WHITENING in East Cobb, GA is more effective if you know how to maintain treatment

How to Maintain Brightness After Teeth Whitening in East Cobb, GA

When you get your teeth whitened, be it in the office or at home, you can begin to feel more confident in your smile right away. However, the same things that discolored your teeth in the first place are still around. Keeping up on your oral hygiene and paying attention to what you eat and drink can help you maintain your bright smile after whitening treatment.

Brushing and Flossing

Plaque and tartar buildup are some of the leading causes of tooth decay and discoloration. As plaque sits on your teeth, it can wear away at the vibrancy and lead to decay if not cleaned properly. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day can help prevent decay and discoloration. For best results, it’s recommended that you brush after every meal. However, do note that acidic food and drinks can weaken your enamel, so it’s best to wait thirty minutes before brushing your teeth if you consume something acidic.

Dietary Changes

Another leading cause of tooth discoloration is drinking dark liquids or eating staining foods. Coffee, tea, and dark sodas are some of the main culprits. If you can, try to limit how much dark liquid you consume throughout the day. You can also help keep your teeth white by rinsing your mouth with warm water after drinking coffee, tea, or other staining liquids. Watching what you eat can also help protect your mouth from other dental concerns, such as decay or gum disease.

Maintenance Appointments

Even if you maintain proper oral health and watch your diet, you’ll still find your teeth naturally lose their luster over time. While whitening treatment can last most patients months or even years, you’ll likely need touch-up treatment to help maintain your white teeth over time. Everyone has a different reaction to whitening treatment, so there’s no way to tell how long your teeth can go between appointments. But if you see your dentist at least every six months for a routine checkup, they can keep an eye on your teeth and help recommend a touch-up as needed.

At Sea of Pearls Dental Boutique, we’re dedicated to helping all of our patients achieve the bright smile of their dreams. Our teeth whitening treatments are available for both at-home use and in the office application. If you want a brighter smile, give us a call at 470.431.1580 to schedule an initial consultation. After examining your teeth, your dentist can determine if teeth whitening is right for you.