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Teeth Whitening East Cobb, GA

Are your teeth yellowed or discolored? Do you have deep tooth stains? Try professional teeth whitening treatment. Professional whitening can erase years of tooth stains. There are many causes of tooth discoloration, from tobacco use to foods and beverages. Nicotine is common in cigarettes and vaping products and can quickly yellow or darken the enamel.

Coffee, tea, wine, berries, and tomatoes contain chromogens, compounds that essentially dye or discolor teeth. Certain medications can also have tooth discoloration as a common side effect. Dr. Daniela Oliveira helps her patients reverse discoloration with teeth whitening in East Cobb, Georgia. Whitening treatments are a great cosmetic dental solution to brighten the smile.

Discolored Teeth in East Cobb, Georgia

Whitening Your Teeth in East Cobb, GA

We provide professional at-home and in-office whitening. Discover more about each type of whitening treatment.

KoR Teeth Whitening

KoR teeth whitening treatment combines in-office and take-home whitening to deliver effective results. We create customized whitening trays for the first two weeks of KoR treatment. Because the trays conform to each individual’s smile, the active ingredients in the KoR whitening gel stay effective.

These trays also seal out saliva, which often decreases the effectiveness of whitening treatments. After two weeks of take-home trays, patients visit our office for in-office treatment. Over the next few months, patients will undergo a combination of these treatments. We will often recommend maintenance so patients keep their results. 

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

We offer take-home teeth whitening, which allows patients to whiten teeth in the comfort of their own homes. This treatment is an excellent option for patients with sensitive teeth. We take dental impressions like take-home KOR whitening treatments to create a custom whitening tray. When the trays are complete, we will provide you with professional whitening gel, which you will apply evenly to the tray. You can wear your trays for several hours a day.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Discover more about our professional whitening treatments and the causes of tooth staining.

Am I a candidate for KoR teeth whitening treatment?

Patients need to be in good oral health for professional whitening treatment. If needed, Dr. Oliveira can provide periodontal therapy to treat minor to advanced gum infections. Dr. Oliveira will also recommend that patients use toothpaste crafted with tooth sensitivity in mind.

KoR is a powerful whitening treatment that can be more effective than other professional options. The whitening gel is refrigerated to stop its active ingredients from degrading. In addition, protecting the tooth enamel will reduce sensitivity during treatment. 

What are intrinsic and extrinsic stains?

Intrinsic stains are caused from within the tooth. Many intrinsic stains result from dental injuries that expose the dentin or dark underlayer beneath the tooth enamel. External factors such as chromogens found in foods or beverages like tomatoes, wine, coffee, or berries cause extrinsic stains.

When do I see results from teeth whitening treatment?

Patients who choose KoR and our take-home treatment will typically see results within several weeks. However, KoR can effectively remove tough stains for brilliant, lasting results.

Brighten Your Smile

Are you interested in professional whitening treatment? Contact our dental office at 470.795.6677 or schedule a dental appointment on our website. Our dental office serves patients from East Cobb, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and many other Marietta neighborhoods.