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Do you have a full arch or arches of missing teeth? Replace full rows or arches of lost permanent teeth with custom cosmetic dentures. Dentures may be complete or partial. A partial denture replaces several consecutive missing teeth, while complete dentures restore the upper and/or lower teeth.

Dr. Daniela Oliveira provides dentures as a dental restoration for her patients at Sea of Pearls Dental Boutique in East Cobb, GA. In addition, she works with local dental labs and oral surgeons to create custom dentures and provide implant-secured restorations for patients. 

Implant Dentures in East Cobb, Georgia

Removable vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are removable. Removable dentures consist of a base and false teeth typically held by adhesive or snaps. However, traditional dentures do not secure false teeth in place. As a result, patients with removable dentures often find it difficult to eat hard, crunchy, or sticky foods. Dental implant-supported dentures support the smile at the root. Once implants heal, they offer a stable foundation for restorations like dentures. With implant-secured dentures, patients can smile and eat confidently.

Denture Treatment in East Cobb, GA

Before treatment, Dr. Oliveira ensures that her patients have no tooth or gum infections. Patients need to be in good oral health to receive restorative treatment. Dr. Oliveira collaborates with her patients to find the right type of denture for their specific problems. She ensures that each denture is unique to the needs of the patient. 

Patients receiving implants to secure their dentures will require longer treatment. Dr. Oliveira works with a local oral surgeon to place the implants in the jaw bone. Then, she takes dental impressions of the smile and sends detailed images to a dental lab that fabricates the denture prosthesis. Once the prosthesis is complete and the dental implants heal, Dr. Oliveira will place the denture in her office.

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Do you want a fuller, healthier smile? Ask us about dentures in East Cobb, Roswell, and Sandy Springs, Georgia. Contact Sea of Pearls Dental Boutique at 470.795.6677 or request a dental consultation with Dr. Oliveira on our website. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, and we will be happy to help.