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When Do You Need a Crown?

A dental crown is a cap that can fully cover single teeth. Crowns are effective dental restorations that can cap off implants, protect worn teeth, and improve the smile’s aesthetics. Dental crown treatment in our East Cobb, GA, dental office can restore the comfort and function of your smile. There may be many reasons why a crown may be the right treatment for your needs. Here, we will review common reasons why patients receive crowns and what crowns can do for the smile.

When Do You Need a Crown?

Treatments That Require a Dental Crown in East Cobb, GA

Some of the most common reasons why we use dental crowns are for these dental problems: 

Broken or Worn Tooth

If you have a fractured or worn-down tooth, we will recommend a crown to cover and protect your tooth. A worn tooth is prone to increased wear if it is left alone. Worn teeth can also create an unbalanced bite, placing more pressure on the jaw when biting and chewing. If you have a broken tooth, you can experience pain and discomfort during everyday life. Covering and protecting your broken tooth can prevent tooth pain and create a balanced bite.

Large Filling or Advanced Cavity

As with injured or broken teeth, dental crowns can provide protection for large fillings or patients with advanced dental cavities. A large dental filling or a dental cavity will require more treatment, but using a dental crown adds to these damaged structures and preserves the bite. Large dental fillings or treated cavities take the brunt of damage from regular biting and chewing. Crowns protect these teeth and improve the appearance of treated teeth.

Dental Restoration

Crowns are helpful if you require a dental implant to restore a single missing tooth. Dental implants are small titanium posts that an oral surgeon places in the jaw bone. Implants can secure crowns, bridges, and dentures in place to improve the bite and restore the appearance of the smile. Traditional dental bridges also use dental crowns to cover natural teeth on either side of a missing tooth gap.

Root Canal

We typically recommend a dental crown following root canal treatment for the molars or premolars. Covering teeth following a root canal adds to any possible lost structure during root canal treatment. Additionally, because crowns look like natural teeth, they can blend in with the appearance of the smile to create a seamless look.

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