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How Can Dental Bonding Help My Smile?

Have you noticed minor aesthetic issues in your smile? You can talk to your dentist to determine a cosmetic dental solution to enhance the appearance of your teeth. A dentist can sculpt composite resin on your teeth and cure it into place in a procedure called dental bonding.

Your dentist can outline the benefits of this treatment when you schedule a consultation, but it can be useful to know what this procedure can do before you arrive at the dentist’s office. Read on to learn four ways that teeth bonding can improve the way that your teeth appear in your smile.

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4 Advantages of Cosmetic Teeth Bonding Treatment

Brighten Your Tooth Color

Over time, you may notice that your teeth become yellow, stained, or dull. Often this can occur due to factors outside of your control like aging or medical conditions.

You can employ teeth bonding treatment to cover discoloration on your smile to achieve your aesthetic goals. The tooth-colored resin will make your smile appear brighter. A final polish at the end of the procedure ensures that you achieve a gorgeous and natural-looking finish.

Amend Small Chips and Cracks in Teeth

Though teeth endure wear and tear without issue regularly, an accident might happen that can leave a crack or chip on the surface of your tooth. This injury can detract from your smile’s appearance, but it could also leave your tooth vulnerable to further dental harm.

Severe tooth breakage may need restorative dental solutions, like a dental crown, to repair the damage. But minor chips and cracks can be filled and covered with teeth bonding. This will restore the look of your teeth as well as protect them from oral infections and other issues.

Fill Gaps in Your Smile

If you have a gap between your teeth, you may feel self-conscious about how it makes your smile appear. But spacing concerns in your smile could also make it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene.

Food can become trapped in this gap, leading to the deterioration of tooth enamel which can heighten your risk for cavities. Whether the gap formed due to genetics or as a result of a larger dental problem, amending spacing issues in your smile can improve your oral health.

You can simplify your oral hygiene routine and give the look of your teeth a boost by using teeth bonding to fill gaps between your teeth. Major malocclusions and bite problems may need orthodontic solutions like Invisalign to amend.

Reshape Irregular Teeth

An injury or gradual wear and tear can alter the shape of your teeth. If the edges of your teeth do not align or have an irregular shape, you might not be happy about the aesthetic of your smile.

Teeth bonding involves individualized attention and sculpting performed by your dentist so that you can get the best look to your smile at the end of your procedure. Get a consult for your unique smile by calling your dentist at 470.431.1580.